Meet Our Team

Meagan Salisbury

Meagan has developed a reputation for winning combative races and helping first-time candidates execute powerful messaging campaigns. Her work, especially with female candidates, has been highlighted in Florida Politics and the Tampa Bay Times during post-election coverage.

Meagan got her start on campaigns in 2012 when she worked in both fundraising and field for a Red-to-Blue Congressional race. She continued those successes on numerous legislative and municipal campaigns around the Southeast. She is a graduate of Stetson Law and a member of the Florida Bar.

Tom Alte

Tom delivers strategic and fundraising consulting services to Blue Ticket clients drawing on experience from targeted races and his work with Democratic caucuses. The majority of his work has been with candidates running against Republican incumbents, including upset victories on high profile campaigns.

Tom began his career with Planned Parenthood in Illinois doing political advocacy work on college campuses. He went on to serve as Deputy Campaign Manager for a Red-to-Blue race in 2012 and has since managed and consulted on dozens of races around the country. Tom also works with several caucuses and groups to train first time candidates in fundraising and campaign management.

Bradley L’Herrou
General Consultant

Bradley came to politics through advertising and public relations. His clients included the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida, Albemarle Corporation, and USA Tax & Insurance Services. Before that, he raised money for USF and developed CRM platforms for sales teams.

In addition to his work with Blue Ticket clients, he volunteers his time as Vice President of the Hillsborough County Young Democrats.

Zach Crockford
General Consultant

Zach has a wide range of campaign experience including work in field organizing, fundraising, and political research on local, state, and national races. He led efforts in St. Petersburg for The Florida Coordinated Campaign during the 2016 election.

Zach continues that work with Blue Ticket candidates, including targeted races in Florida and Georgia. He grew up in rural Massachusetts.

Michael Cardwell
Deputy General Consultant

Michael’s background is in field organizing, community engagement actions, and GOTV efforts around Tampa Bay. His work with various Democratic party groups and caucuses helped Hillsborough go Democratic in both 2014 and 2016.

Michael was born and raised in Florida, graduating from Rollins College with a degree in Political Science.

Miranda Colavita
Operations Director

Miranda is a native of New York state who has called Florida home for the last 20 years. She got involved in politics during President Obama’s 2008 campaign working with local activism groups and counter-protests against hate-groups that were operating in her community.

In addition to her work at Blue Ticket, she’s pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at USF and volunteers with non-profit organizations that focus on social justice issues, including Mil Mujeres and Students for Sensible Drug Policy.